About us

Our Mission

  • Empower west African researchers with the neces- sary tools and expertise to conduct high-quality computational biology research;
  • Provide on-site and remote training for advanced bioinformatics tools and databases ;
  • Provide continued mentorship for faculty and students, from  computational  biology  specialists  at the  National  Institute  of  Allergy  and  Infectious Diseases.


High Performance Computing:

Providing a low-cost, low-maintenance computing solution for advanced bioinformatics research.

Focus of this capability: HP DL580 (Generation 8) server containing 4 Intel® Xeon® E7 CPUS for a total of 64 Cores.


The ACE program also includes:

Telelearning Facility: a classroom space with 15 modern Bioinformatics workstations engineered for optimal communication and learning in remote training workshops.


Goals and career opportunities:

          To address the necessity of preparing young people who are capable of operating in the interfacing domains of biology, mathematics, and information technology;

          To address the needs of high-level biological research and development for business and health research organizations;

          To stimulate multidisciplinary approach, independence, spirit of initiative, and student research.